Terms of Service

The following terms of service will be updated at our discretion at anytime without notice to you. By using our website you are agreeing to our terms of service and are bound to the provisions provided herein.

Why is Web Poll Generator Free?

Web poll generator is a free service to use and our generated code is free to copy/paste on to your website. In the code generated is a back-link to our website webpollgenerator.com. Because this link is attached to the embedded javascript code we are able to provide this service free-of-charge.

How can I keep Web Poll Generator Free?

To allow us to continue offering Web Poll Generator as a free service, please do not alter the generated javascript code in any way. The backlink embedded at the bottom of the javascript code allows people to find our website and continue to offer our free service.

How many Polls am I allowed to create?

There is currently no limit to the number of web polls allowed. However, we are strongly against spamming and abuse of our content and will intervene if we notice our services being abused or mistreated.

What if I want to remove the link embedded inside the free web poll?

On occasion we scan sites using our free polls to make sure that the original code is not altered in any way. It is possible that ads may begin to appear on your website if our service discovers any altering of the code. This can be disabled by restoring the code back to default (including link) or removing the web poll all together.

I do not see registration on your website. How do I register?

To make web poll generator as easy to use as possible, we do not require any registration prior to creating a web poll. This makes using our tool extremely easy and user friendly. To begin, simply start creating your web poll.

This service is really cool! Will it ever cost money?

We have no intention of charging money to use our service now or in the near future. So enjoy using web poll generator for free of charge!

Will the embedding this JavaScript code slow down my web page?

Absolutely not, our javascript code is optimized to allow for "defer loading" meaning it loads only after your webpage is downloaded inside of the browser.

What browsers does Web Poll Generator currently support?

Web Poll Generator is compatible with all modern day browsers that allow for JavaScript to run inside of the page. This includes but is not limited to ©Internet Explorer, ©Mozilla Firefox, ©Google Chrome, ©Safari, ©Opera and ©Netscape.

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